Hello, is this thing on?

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In a week, I'll be on my way to New Zealand and Australia on my GUFF trip, so it's time for another update.

I've been busy setting up a website to blog the trip. It's at http://guff.lostcarpark.com, in case you're reading one of the cross-postings.

I've been trying to get it to automatically post to LiveJournal, Twitter and Facebook. This seems to be working quite well for the first two, but Facebook doesn't make things quit so easy, so it requires some manual intervention.

I'd really appreciate some help with testing. Please post comments, and let me know if you have any trouble. Comments on the GUFF trip site don't require any login, but if your comment looks like spam you may be asked for a captcha thingy. If you're signed up for Gravatar (highly recommended) it will also pick up your user icon.

If you meet me during the trip and would like to leave a comment, please leave a comment anywhere on the site you think appropriate. Alternatively, post to the Facebook page, or Tweet with the hashtag #gufftrip.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!


Testing! Testing! 1, 2, 3...

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I hope this works


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Seems to be working, hope you have a great time. If I'd thought about it I could have sent a Dr. S. minifig to you and asked you for some touristy-shots down under. :-)

Dr. S.

Good luck!

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You'll be sure to make a great report! :)