New hat

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My New Hat

Nothing to do with the GUFF trip or fandom, but I thought I'd show off my new hat thanks to McDonalds WiFi. I know it's corny, but I really wanted a crocodile Dundee hat with corks around the brim. But you can't get them apart from crap joke shop ones, so you have to make your own. The only problem is that now I like the hat too much to punch holes in it.

Expect to see it at a con near you.


I couldn't work out, for a

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I couldn't work out, for a bit, why McDonalds WiFi had given you a hat. Glad to see you're still going strong - we are home now and collapsed gracefully. It's COLD.

Ah yes I see my ambiguity

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Ah yes I see my ambiguity now. Sadly McDonalds WiFi didn't give me the had, just the ability to tell you about it.


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That really suits you. You should wear it always. And don't even contemplate making holes in it -- even for screwcaps.

No holes

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Thanks. I shall be sure not to make any holes. I shall definitely wear it to cons.


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Your new style is quite

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Your new style is quite unusual and interesting. This hat emphasizes the sophistication of the entire image. It is wonderful that you like it.


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I truly needed a crocodile Dundee cap with plugs around the overflow. In any case, you can't get them separated from poo joke shop ones, so you need to make your own.

I couldn't work out, for a

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I couldn't work out, for a bit, why McDonalds WiFi had given you a cap. Happy to see regardless you're going solid we are home now and caved in effortlessly. Your new style is very strange and intriguing. This cap underlines the modernity of the whole picture.

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Your new style

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Your new style is very bizarre and fascinating. This cap underlines the complexity of the whole picture. It is brilliant that you like it.

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Such a great Hat.

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Such a great Hat.

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