Mummy and Baby Kangaroo

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Mummy and Baby Kangaroo

A family of Kangaroos were passing through a field next to the farmhouse we were staying in. They kept a cautions distance, but we were able to get fairly close. One was clearly a juvenile, and it was sticking close to what I assume was its mother. The third may have been the daddy, but that's just speculation as I don't know a whole lot about kangaroo family structures.


Kangaroos are substantial

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Kangaroos are substantial marsupials that are discovered just in Australia. They are distinguished by their solid tails, solid back legs, substantial feet, short hide and since quite a while ago, pointed ears. Like all marsupials, a sub-sort of warm blooded animal, females have pockets that contain mammary organs, where their young live until the point when they are mature enough to develop.

Wow, The Mummy and Baby

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