Something I never thought I would do

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Today I did something I have never done before, and frankly, something I didn't expect I would ever do. Indeed, it is something that I have poured scorn on others for, the sort of activity I would generally mock others for and laugh at their stupidity.

Yes, today I bought my first team sports top.

And not just one, I bought two Ireland Rugby jerseys.

Now, what I really object to is the sort of sports shop that will charge €80 or more for the official kit of some sports team, and especially the sort of mentality that says it's not good enough to have the official kit, but only this year's slightly changed version will do.

So in my defence I will claim that these jerseys were reasonably inexpensive, and reasonably good value as a wearable item of clothing, regardless of the logo. Are they the official jersey? Probably not. Do I care? (Answers on a postcard, please.)

I also feel that I should have something to show my Irishness down under.

Now I realise that New Zealanders and Australians don't rate northern hemisphere Rugby very highly, and on our national team's last visit they were well and truly shown their place. However, I think it might be worth placing one in the Fan Fund Auction. I will happily sign it if the buyer wishes.

I shall defiantly claim it as the Jersey of the "least worst northern hemisphere Rugby team." I'm sure some Englishmen will dispute that claim (and quite possibly some Frenchmen, not to mention Welsh and Scots). However, I shall quietly remind them where we are, and as far as the locals are concerned, we're all rubbish.

Speaking of the Fan Fund Auction, I've been collecting some pretty cool stuff for it. I have a growing pile of books from some fantastic Irish writers - all signed, of course. There's also a wonderful anthology of 1950s comics. An item I'm hoping will be in demand is an "Advance reading copy" of China Miéville's Iron Council. And if none of that takes your fancy, I also have some Doctor Who tat.

If you're at Worldcon please come along to the fan fund auction. There should be a good mix of cheap but interesting items, and some very collectible ones that might cost a bit more. There should be something to suit every budget, and it will help to continue the tradition of fan fund trips. If the books I'm bringing are representative, it will also be an opportunity to be introduced to some really excellent authors whose books don't normally make it into that part of the world.


On the matter of the books

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On the matter of the books for the fan fund auction, having delivered some of these, I have to say that the ones I delivered looked very interesting anyway. Only got a very brief glance at them, but I think I will be looking out some books by Oisin McGann for my own personal reading.

Still dead jealous of James getting to do this trip!

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The last few postings that have arrived on LJ (e.g. the iPad at the airport) have all had broken links which should have come back to here, but they are consistently broken the same way.