First stop off: Heathrow

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James Bacon and me

Well, here I am in Heathrow.

Liam stood me up to go surfing in cornwell, but that's okay - I'd have done the same (if I wasn't going to Australia instead).

However, James Bacon met me instead on his lunch break, so that was cool. Then went to the pub for beer and fish'n'chips (that's french fries for any Americans). Going to head over to check in a while (just have to confirm which terminal to go to).

Also been charting with Kate about my programme items, so that was useful. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Next stop Bangkok.



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It looks like it only expects to take portrait photos on the front camera. Wl fix when I'm on a proper computer.

Bon Voyage!

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Have a great trip!

Drat, missed you!

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If I'd realised you'd be at Heathrow then, I'd have popped over too ... as I only live a couple of miles away from Heathrow ... glad you had excellent company though...

No worries Chris - the time

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No worries Chris - the time passed surprisingly quickly when you cut out baggage collection and transfer between terminals and check-in times, etc.