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Bangkok Pagoda

Bangkok airport is huge and modern and all looks very shiny. However, it is quite possibly connected into an alternate reality, with a vast concourse seeming to stretch to infinity. I walked for what ssemed like miles and came to the baggage collection and immigration areas. I didn't need either of these so I walked back and went through the security check for connecting flights.

The first half of the flight was fine, with a good selection of movies and TV shows (I watched How to Train Your Dragon, which was silly, but good fun. Hoping to get some sleep on the second half.

I think changing my socks would be a good idea.

Next stop Sydney!


I hope you are surviving the

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I hope you are surviving the long journey.

Enjoy Bangkok!

Also, from all your fellow travellers, "Thank you for changing the socks!"



The last time we had to get

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The last time we had to get off and back on at Bangkok airport we had a similar walk. We timed it at about 20 minutes, which for me is about a mile! Everybody was rather bemused at why we had to do that enourmous round trip; they could simply have directed all the passengers off the plane into where we had to wait to board again.

Who did you fly with?

See you in Melbourne. I won't have any Whisky this time though. :-(

The link from LJ to this site

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The link from LJ to this site that auto-posts with entries doesn't work, which could explain why you're not getting as many comments as you might otherwise.