Aussiecon Four Programme

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The Aussiecon Four Programme is now online, and I have to admit there are some excellent items on it. I'm looking forward to quite a few items, though I already know I won't be able to get to everything I want to. The programme can be found here.

I'm on a total of seven items, which are:

  • Thu 1600 Rm 219: Minotaurs in space helmets: using myth in science fiction;
  • Fri 1200 Rm 215: WTF are DUFF, GUFF and is it all NAFF?;
  • Fri 1300 Rm 219: Ghosts without borders;
  • Fri 1600 Rm 210: Fan fund auction;
  • Sat 1200 Rm 209: (K) Build a LEGO Dalek (for kids);
  • Sun 1400 Rm 219: Writing in the shadow of Adams and Pratchett;
  • Sun 1700 Rm 216: Build a LEGO Dalek (for adults);

I've been adding them to the GUFF itinerary, which can be found here.


Gotta love a good lego Dalek.

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Gotta love a good lego Dalek. Fair play to you for doing this!