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Scaling Mount Victoria

Welling Harbour from Mount Victoria

After trekking across the city to find our restaurant, I met with Simon, a local Wellington fan, Jonathan, who'd just arrived from the UK, and Norman, who'd kindly been putting me up. We had a very pleasant oriental meal, sharing a number of dishes so we all got to try out several things. We discussed local fandom, and all our involvements in the weekend's convention, and many other things. The night seemed to come to an end far too quickly, which is always a good sign. At the end, I suggested to Jonathan, since we were both free the next day, that we might like to meet up to explore.

So on Thursday, I got the bus into Wellington (fortunately managing to catch the eye of the driver, who was just pulling off), and first bump into Rod (who lives in Ireland, but I have to come half way around the world to see). He's waiting for Urban, a Swedish fan. I suggest he might like to join us, but our plans sound a little too energetic, so we exchange phone numbers for the possibility of meeting for dinner later.

Finding Jonathan in the bar, we look out at the weather. It's been raining, so our original plan of climbing Mt Victoria, a 196m (643') hill on the outskirts of Wellington doesn't look very favourable. However, it looks like it might be clearing up a little, so we decide to ask about it at the hotel reception, who think it should be all right as the way up is paved.

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