Wellington - at last!

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Islands from the plane approaching Wellington

The flight to Wellington was fairly uneventful. The plane was only half full, so I had a row to myself. I watched the in flight movie for a bit, but it was pretty awful, so I snoozed for a bit.

On the way into Wellington, we were treated to some pretty amazing views of the complex of islands and peninsulas making up the northern tip of the South Island. Amazing fractals.

At the airport I was greeted by Norman Cates, a former DUFF winner and all round nice guy. He gave me a lift to his house, showed me around, and headed back to work. It was really nice of Norman to pick me up, as while I'm sure I could have made my own way, it really made it a whole lot more lot more pleasant.

I was fairly shattered, so I had a nap for a couple of hours. After getting up and having a shower, I felt human again, and caught up with email till Norman got back from work.

Norman introduced me to his house-mate, Anthony and his (that's Anthony's, not Norman's) girl-friend, Hannah. I think everyone was tired so a lazy evening in chatting suited everyone.

Tomorrow I shall venture into central Wellington to see some of the sights.



Aerial photos - love 'em!

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Aerial photos - love 'em!


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You finally fixed the LJ link! Hope you have a tremendous time!

Sorry it took a while to sort

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Sorry it took a while to sort out, Peadar. You keep Ireland running smoothly while I'm gone.


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Did you buy an IPad? If so, where?

Not I

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Nooooo! Didn't buy an iPad, just played with one at the Apple store in the airport.